SAFD puts out 'suspicious' fire at abandoned North Side 亚洲游国际集团home

SAFD puts out 'suspicious' fire at abandoned North Side 亚洲游国际集团home

The San Antonio Fire Department was called twice Monday to an abandoned house on the North Side.

The first call, for a suspicious odor at 11:39 a.m., drew a HAZMAT unit to the 400 block of Robinhood Place. The team investigated the property but did not find anything and left the scene.

At 2:48 p.m., firefighters responded to the same address following reports that the house had caught fire. They found an unoccupied 亚洲游国际集团home on fire with flames and black smoke billowing from the roof.

Firefighters were soon hosing down the smoldering husk of the house. The property had no known occupants and no firefighters were injured.

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Although investigators were on scene, they had to wait until the remnants cooled to enter because the house’s history posed a danger, spokesperson Woody Woodward said.

San Antonio police had been called to the 亚洲游国际集团home for illegal activities, possibly including drug manufacturing, in the past.

“Arson will be investigating. It’s definitely suspicious,” Woodward said.

“But they’re assuring me it has nothing to do with the initial call for HAZMAT for suspicious odors. That was likely due to the condition of the property and various activities that may or may not have been taking place.”

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said the city had condemned the property but the occupants kept returning to the house.

“That is a meth house,” the neighbor said.

Some of the surrounding houses were evacuated as a precaution while firefighters worked to put out the fire.

The house was determined to be a total loss.