Latest design trends on display at the 2020 Parade of 亚洲游国际集团homes

Latest design trends on display at the 2020 Parade of 亚洲游国际集团homes

There's still time to tour the luxurious 亚洲游国际集团homes being showcased during the Greater San Antonio Builders Association's 2020 Parade of 亚洲游国际集团homes. The annual event, which kicked off June 20, takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and wraps up June 28th. Ticket buyers for this year's tour can view models in the Cantera Hills community from six builders: Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes, Casadomaine Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes, Diamante Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes, McNair Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes, Robare Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes, and Adam Wilson Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes.

Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes is featuring a 4,506 square-foot single-story house at 9702 Midsomer Place. The 亚洲游国际集团home has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a three-car garage, swimming pool, spa, separate game room that's attached to the outdoor living space, 亚洲游国际集团home theater room and 亚洲游国际集团home office.
Eyal Avnon, a partner at San Antonio-based Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes, said the goal with this house was to create a large, single-story 亚洲游国际集团home that could be a cross between a great family 亚洲游国际集团home and 亚洲游国际集团home for entertaining. It's priced at $1.35 million. Avnon said the typical build time for Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes is seven months and, in most cases, their clients have been through the 亚洲游国际集团home buying or building process before, so they know what amenities they want to be incorporated into their 亚洲游国际集团home design. "We put a bunch of emphasis on master suites and outdoor living," he said. "Outdoor living has been a continued growing trend and architecture generally is trending in a more what I'll call sort of casual trajectory." Avnon said he's seeing fewer formal livings spaces, and although the open concept is still popular, many buyers are now opting for single-dining 亚洲游国际集团homes with a secondary eating or gathering area with an oversized kitchen island.

Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes will add special design features for pet owners such as open stairways, sheetrock openings, and raised stairwells, dog corners and utility rooms with dog washes. The builder can also section off living areas, so pets don't have the run of the house.
Rialto 亚洲游国际集团homes incorporate Smart 亚洲游国际集团home elements such as alarm systems, HVAC controls and Smart lighting controls in most of its houses.
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Diamante Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes' house at 9625 Midsomer Place has 4,541 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Adam Sanchez, founder and president of Diamante Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes, said the one-story house has a transitional architectural style that combines elements of traditional and modern design. It has four distinct living areas — two indoor, two outdoor ¬ — ideal for family gatherings or entertaining. Sanchez said people always enjoy outdoor living areas, and this house has a large courtyard, outdoor kitchen, and a resort-style pool with fountains and a hot tub. The house is listed at just under $1.7 million.
When it comes to Smart 亚洲游国际集团home features, Diamante Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes adds systems that are expandable so 亚洲游国际集团home buyers can start with key living areas and expand the system over time. Sanchez said in general the entire 亚洲游国际集团home building process takes from eight to 10 months. 
COVID-19 did cause a small slowdown in business in March and April, but he said things quickly bounced back. "There's a lot of pent up demand that we see in San Antonio," Sanchez said. "Before the pandemic, the housing market was very robust, and we were having a hard time keeping up with the projects." 
Diamante Custom 亚洲游国际集团homes builds throughout San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Sanchez, who built his first house in 1992, said it's getting more expensive to live in San Antonio and that's a reflection of land and construction costs, so 亚洲游国际集团home prices keep increasing. "We're always working to keep costs down and stay at a good price point but that (亚洲游国际集团home prices) has definitely been a change I've seen over the years."
Sanchez said he's seeing requests for smaller more livable type layouts, unlike in the '90s and early 2000s, when it was common for people to ask for 6,000 to 8,000-square foot 亚洲游国际集团homes. "It's pretty rare if you see that these days," Sanchez said. "It's not unusual, but most people are wanting somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet." 
Before the pandemic, Sanchez said the office space trend had waned, but now he's seeing more requests for areas that can be turned into private workspaces. In fact, a study/private office was created for the house featured in the Parade of 亚洲游国际集团homes.
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The Parade of 亚洲游国际集团homes is observing safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and face masks are required for all participants. For tickets and more information, go to亚洲游国际集团homes/.