Today in “Oh, right, I totally need that,” we have this 57-piece OSHA-compliant first aid kit from “First Aid Only” (true to their name, they only sell first aid kits). Normally $21.41, right now it’s only $10.39 -- more than 50% off.

Designed to hide under your sink, under the seat in your car, or on a small job site, this first aid kit includes scissors, band-aids, topical antiseptic and sterile gauze -- enough supplies to treat up to 10 people, carefully organized inside a plastic case.

It’s worth pointing out that “OSHA compliant” sounds a little fancier than it is, since OSHA requirements for first aid kits are pretty basic, and the items in this kit are not of surgical quality (the tweezers, for example, are plastic). But this kit still fills out the basic requirements of a first aid kit well, and will be useful for taking care of scraped knees, bug bites, and other basic injuries that you’ll encounter in your travels.

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