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Spurs guard Lonnie Walker IV hopes to use art to combat abuse.

Walker, who earlier this month revealed he had been the victim of childhood sexual abuse, has teamed up with three San Antonio-based artists to commission original artwork that ties into his personal story.

The pieces will be auctioned online, with proceeds tabbed to benefit Family Violence Prevention Servies.

"I shared my story with the hope that others who have, or are currently facing abuse know they’re not alone. It is so easy to want to hide this kind of hurt or harm from others, even to hide it from yourself at moments. I have taken some time during this COVID-19 hiatus to face this part of my past and I have found some peace. Now it’s my turn to help others find that same freedom,” Walker said in a release from his marketing representatives. “Abuse does not define who you are. With time, patience and a little self-love, you will overcome the hurt. You will rise above.”

Work from the three artists -- RapidArts, Brian Ellingboe and Armando Zimmerle -- is set to be unveiled June 23. The auction will be open to the public until 11:45 p.m. on June 30.

More information on the auction is available here.